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Special Guard Force

We have a Team of highly trained guards. Our security officers are tasked with protecting your staff and visitors, as well as your property or assets as a part of our security strategy that includes several tactics and layers. These professionals deter and prevent crime by providing a physical presence on-site. We match clients with officers based on your security setting and requirements.

Dog Patrol Services

Our Canine units have specially trained guard and patrol dogs to make sure that nothing is missed during a security check.

Specialized Armed VIP protection

We offer VIP Protection packages for anyone who wants to have security accompany them 24/7

Corporate Security

We provide protection to hundreds of businesses in all major towns and cities

Private Investigations

Our Team of private investigators have had phenomenal results over the years. Get in touch and see what we can do for you

Alarm Systems

We supply and install a range of alarm systems, from a standard home alarm system to a multi-level bespoke alarm system suited to farms and commercial premises. Everything that you need to keep your premises safe and secure is available from us.


Partner with Us

True to our motto “A Partnership Based on Trust”, you can rely on us for efficient, customer driven and cost effective security solutions designed to protect our principal, YOU, against the risk of loss or injury.

On-site Guarding

We have on-site guards who guard persons, buildings, commercial premises, or other goods.

Mobile Guarding

We have mobile guards who guard persons, buildings, commercial premises, or other goods.

Remote Guarding

We have remote guarding technology for persons, buildings, commercial premises, or other goods.

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Remember that we Develop a clear understanding of the needs of both individual and corporate customers and create solutions to meet these needs. 

We also Build strong, long-term relationships that allow our customers to feel safe and secure as we Deliver products and services that protect you and your properties.